Euro 24 Hour Cool Chain Pharma & Healthcare Express Service

JIF JIF provides a specialised medical and healthcare transportation service to many of the industry's leading pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions.

We provide our customers with flexible collection and delivery solutions throughout Europe and the U.K. Our aim is to transport your products under the best conditions. Pharmaceutical products in particular are extremely sensitive and all given specified temperature ranges are strictly adhered to. International and national transport of pharmaceutical and healthcare products includes:

  • Analytical (DNA) Samples
  • Sports test samples
  • Hospital medicine transport
  • Hospital Organ, Plasma and Blood transport
  • NHS transportation
  • Medical & Healthcare Transport
  • Sensitive pharmaceutical products
  • Life Sciences test samples
  • Specimen transport
  • Medicines
  • Vaccines
  • Specialist one-off medicines
  • Bio pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clinical trials
  • Named patient
  • Genetic Samples
  • Research & Development Samples

JIF We have expertise in providing transport for the entire range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products including DNA Samples, Laboratory specimen, time critical and sensitive Biotech-medication and specialist medication for named patient and hospital support.

Our fleet of Express vehicles for urgent consignments has:

  • Dual temperature capability
  • Live temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Full vehicle tracking
  • Fully validated

We understand the criteria of pharmaceutical transportation and safeguard the effectiveness of your products by demonstrating good distribution practice.

Dedicated Euro 24 Service

We have an established Pan-European network and can arrange the collection and delivery of consignments to customers facilities in the;

  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Holland


Other EEC and former Eastern European Countries

A dedicated, temperature-controlled vehicle will be allocated for the express shipment.

JIFHigh Security and sensitive controlled pharmaceutical Transport

We offer our clients the high level of security in the transportation of their controlled consignments afforded by 24-hour tracked vehicles and additional security personnel. Our vehicles are equipped with real-time satellite tracking and fitted with a number of additional security devices, including dead locks, bulldog trailer locks, panic buttons, immobilisers and alarm system. We offer services for transportation of controlled drugs and substances from our customers in a high security transport vehicle,