About Us

Jif supported by its team of operational personnel's with 25 years experience of transporting Pharmaceutical, Biotech, R&D, Healthcare and a varied type of temperature sensitive products.

JIF We provide a specialised express temperature controlled services throughout the UK and Europe, using our modern fleet of vehicles that operate within a constant temperature range of minus 25 degrees Celsius to plus 25 degrees Celsius.

Our express vehicles are equipped with state of the art temperature monitoring and reporting solutions, incorporated within the vehicle position systems which include an alarm system that notifies the driver if there are any deviations outside the set temperature parameters, this is also monitored remotely from our office or anywhere online via the internet.

All vehicles are specified with capability of loading products of separate temperatures; all vehicles are equipped with additional security system to ensure the safety of your products whilst in our care.

We provide a full audit trail for the whole duration of the transport from collection to delivery; this information can be provided to the client at any stage of the journey if required or historically.

In addition, we operate similar vehicles that are based in Germany to support our European operations.